Friday, November 4, 2011

Doing Virtuous Business

Doing Virtuous Business is a lost art in today’s society, but in the book by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, we are freshly challenged and encouraged to put people before personal gain. Malloch’s book is one of the most engaging and on-time books I’ve read in the past several years. He uses common sense and good morals to communicate the necessity of doing business the right way. Some might call him old fashioned, I say he has good sense (and I’ve under the age of 30).

While it is engaging and he has tons of common sense, it is missing witty verbiage. The book’s tone is sort of cold and matter-of-factly. It’s not one I ran back to read (it doesn’t warm the heart, so-to-speak).

I do, however, greatly enjoy the scientific approach to making a case for good moral business. The real life examples he uses are large-scale realistic ones that support the teachings of good morals.

My final criticism is that it could have been and should have been more blatantly written from a Christian world view, not a “good” world view.

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