Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nearing Home - a precious read

Nearing Home 

The Rev. Billy Graham is a man whom I respect and admire very much.  I appreciate his life and legacy and the example he has lived in front of America and the world.  His memoire, Nearing Home is a precious recount of his life stories and lessons learned along the way.  I count it a great honor to have him share his heart through these precious words and his transparency.

I believe looking forward to heaven is a good thing and an honor, I like reading Rev. Graham’s perspective of moving on.  I disagree with some that say the book is depressing, I think that if you look through the right lenses you see the honor of moving forward to heaven to live in an immortal body and enjoy praising Jesus without the distractions that come along with living in this world system. 

Five stars.  I highly recommend.

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