Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grace is Good, Grace is God

Grace is Good, Grace is God

I must start my review off with a disclaimer:  I am generally not a Max Lucado fan.  I have nothing against him personally, I just strongly dislike his writing style for the most part.  Having said that, I give his book, Grace: More than we Deserve, Greater than we Imagine three and one-half stars.  

Lucado is bringing to light a subject that needs more attention in Christendom:  Grace.  To call it a “subject” is probably not fair, but please bear with me.  Grace is the essence of what we believe.  Jesus epitomizes grace.  He IS grace.  While Lucado doesn’t make this bold claim, this is why I’m so glad he presents this to us to ponder.

Lucado does a good job of using imagery to convey the depth of grace.  In one case he likened it to putting a sponge in the ocean and checking to see of you soaked it all up.  The answer to the question is obvious:  of course not!

While Lucado does a good job of conveying the depth of grace, I feel he doesn’t do as strong a job defining it.  His definition is acceptable, just not strong enough.  He essentially says it’s something we don’t deserve.  Yes, we all know that’s true, but grace is bigger than that.  Grace is a Person and His Name is Jesus.  

I was blessed by this book.  That’s a big deal for me, because normally I find it difficult to follow his writing style.  If you’re a Lucado fan, you’ll love this book.  If you’re not, you’ll like this book.  

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